Why I Started This

I created this website to help others avoid the situation that I found myself in just a few short years ago. I wanted as many people as possible to understand the benefits of having a secure home, so that they would not have to suffer as my family and I have.

My family was joining several other groups of family members from all over the country on a mass vacation. We decided to go on a cruise to the Western Caribbean. We left for the trip and didn’t have any cell phone service because our wireless carrier would charge us extra for that. We figured it would be fine to be “off the grid” for a week. However, without any internet or phone service, there was no way to contact our neighbor and check on the house, and there was no way for them to contact us if something had gone wrong.

When we returned to the United States, as we were being taxied to the airport for our flight home, I saw that I had a single voicemail message from my neighbor. The voicemail told us that our home had been robbed and that we needed to get back as soon as we could. I was devastated that our home had been violated in such a way.

The next time we saw our house, there was almost nothing left inside. The televisions, couches, radios, rugs, jewelry, bedding, and other electronics we had were all gone. The safe that we kept in our bedroom closet had been unbolted from the floor and taken.

Everything that was stolen was replaceable–except our peace of mind. We had to fight with the insurance company to get our items replaced, alongside having to pay a hefty deductible. My husband and I became paranoid about leaving the house, even for a few short hours. Our son started to have trouble sleeping, always anxious about someone breaking into the house again. As upset as I was about my husband and I being shaken and angry about what had happened, I wasn’t going to stand for the robbery affecting our child this way. That’s when I decided that we needed to get a home security system, or we’d never be able to enjoy our home in peace again. This is why home security is so very important. This is why I want everyone to have the knowledge and equipment that they need to be able to turn their home into the safe haven it was meant to be.

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